Saturday, July 19, 2014

#63 Part 2 of RJR Fabrics On My Cutting Table with Fabulously Fast Quilts

A few days ago I put a post up of the new quilt project I was working on. Well let me tell you I have a lot I want to share!!! (I'll try to keep it short, but with lots of pictures!!lol)

Fabulously Fast Quilts by Amy Smart
 I have looked through the whole book , multiple times,  trying to deciding on which quilt to make. Anyone who read the last post knows I actually let my husband decide, because I couldn't choose.

So the first thing I want to tell you,  I love the look of each of the quilt projects, and can see myself making more of the quilts, maybe all of them, at some point. The title is so accurate too, this quilt is coming together amazingly fast, but you could easily change the title to Fast and Fabulous and it would be spot on as well!!!
Just a thought, I think Square Deal (the quilt patterns name) would make a great sewing retreat or weekend project!

 Second, I made some rookie mistakes, I don't know what it is with me and Log Cabin type blocks, but I seem to mess them up every time! So after I ripped one full row off of 3 blocks (3 out of 4 blocks would be an epic fail if this were a test, lol), and put the strips on the correct sides, because it makes a difference, I finished the remaining blocks without anymore problems!! (lol, probably because I was so afraid of making another mistake, I checked and triple checked every strip!!)

Third, a refresher for anyone new.... I used Jinny Beyer Batiks, and Cotton Supreme Solids from RJR Fabrics to put this quilt top together, and here is the center of the quilt complete!! All that's left are the 2 borders and the top will be finished...... and doesn't it look great next to the pool!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

#62 RJR Fabrics Are On My Cutting Table

So I am finally getting to the Jinny Beyer Batiks project!!! with some Cotton Supremes thrown in for good measure!!
I put a tease out on Instagram about the project I was choosing..... and finally here is the full scoop!!

I'm using the Lagoon line from Jinny Beyer Batiks collection (with a light Sumatra and a dark Java thrown in for fun! ( the other 2 lines in the collection)), along with Bora Bora, Emerald City and Tiffany Box from the Cotton Supreme collection. I am loving the colours the feel and the names of these solids!!  

I knew I wanted to try a project from Amy Smart's new book, but couldn't decide on which one, so I handed the book to my husband, and let him choose!! 
I had one moment of internal panic, lol, right after handing him the book. For the life of me now I don't know why???......... He chose........Square Deal!!!

All the  pieces are cut and paired up, now all I have to do is sew!!!!!!!

 Here's the first block.


I think this is going to be amazing!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

#61 Summer Mood...Mode?

Seriously there is so much I want to do this summer, I made a list and everything......but I just can't seem to stay focused.
Is it the intermittent sun and warmth we are getting, along with what we have started to call, "Tornado Tuesdays"!!
Or the pool that was relined only to have the pool heater fritz out!!
Or kid (adult, really)  and the stuff that comes with....
Or continued quilting frustrations....
Or the internet bill that arrived, that was 4 times its normal cost......
I don't know, but I am seriously needing a jolt, to bring me out of this slump!!! (bad mood, lets be honest, lol)
So I am hoping that writing it down and putting up pictures of the things I have got done will make me smile!! Hope you like it too!!

Here's What I've Been Up To:

Made Home Made Spray Starch: I don't have a lot of experience with starch, but It works great as far as I can tell, and a whole lot cheaper.
Recipe is here

Finished the 4 Nested Churn Dash Blocks and some extra single ones

Finished the Moda Trifle Dish Rows, with Kate Spain SunnySide!! I am loving this quilt!! Now to decide on borders!!

 Summer+Sandles=Manicure (cute little daisies on my big nails!! :)

 This happened....what, WHAT?? Oops row 5 forgot two end pieces; row 2?? OOPS, so need to read instructions better, missed trimming my blocks! Which also explains why the pattern didn't join up properly, along with the fact that I appliqued my petals wrong (eek)! So my pattern became a flower instead of an orange peel!! lol Sometimes you just have to roll with it!!
But it all worked out in the end with a few revisions!! I couldn't be happier, and in a few years won't even remember that mine isn't exactly to pattern. Lol

Bought my first spools of Aurifil!! My machine loves it, which means I love it too!!!!! Got rid of the tension issues I was having with my sewing machine, which makes me over the moon!!

And I won a Tshirt!!! so excited to wear it!! Thanks to the Online Fabric Store

I also received the 3 books I won, participating in the Mini Medallion QAL!! Thanks to SewMamaSew and Stash Books!!!
The last of my churn dash blocks are together so now I need to get that top sewn together!! Excited about this one too!!
 And next project will be......From Amy Smart's (Diary of a Quilter) new book, with fabulous RJR Batiks (Jinny Beyer Lagoon line) and Cotton Supreme Solids!! Whoop Whoop!! This is going to be awesome!!

Ok, it's working, I'm already feeling better and smiling!!  Thanks for dropping by, hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter for my down under friends) and a great 4th of July for my southern neighbors!! I enjoyed my Canada Day by relaxing and you guessed it, some sewing!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#60 Bernina or Janome?? I need help....

So I jumped into quilting, 3 ish years ago, and didn't do a lot of research on sewing machines. I stumbled into Pfaff and I have to say I am not a fan. I don't want to turn this into a wine fest or product bashing, I know any company can have a lemon or issues, but that is where customer service comes into play! For this reason alone I will never purchase another Pfaff product. Let's move on!! ;)

So I want to purchase a new work horse sewing machine that is built for quilting!! Or maybe I should use the term, piecing, may try FM on smaller projects, but really just a lot of sewing! I am looking for

  1. large throat area
  2. needle up/down
  3. dual feed
  4. pivoting (when you stop with needle down the foot raises slightly to be able to pivot)
  5. large sewing surface
  6. arm available
  7. good lighting
  8. auto needle threading would be great, but not necessary
I think that is my list. So here is the question, and please, please comment.......

Is the Bernina worth the extra money? Because it is a lot more!!  And why is it worth it, if you think it is??

I will be choosing slowly this time, I will be test driving, asking the dealers a lot of questions, and waiting for a great deal/sale!!! 

Right now I am looking at Bernina B750QE, and 820; and Janome Horizan

I really would like for you to weigh in, even if it is not on these models. If you are a fan of something else, let me know why and I may expand my research!!

What I've Been Up To:

Nested Churn Dash Sew Along, 2/4 sewn together (love this block!!!)

Moda Bake Shop Trifle Dish Sew Along; Sewing layers totally out of order

Completed all my Churn Dash block!! 48 ready to sew together!!

And as soon as the above two projects are together, this is what is next!!! Super excited to make a project from Amy Smarts new book, with RJR Fabrics!! Jinny Beyer Batiks and Cotton Supreme Solids!! This is going to be great!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#59 Summer Speed

So I think my summer speed is going to be slow to.... oh, whatever!! lol It is nice at this stage of my life, kids all grown up, to not have to juggle all the summer time activities. Don't get me wrong I loved it, and sometimes still miss all the craziness, but it is nice to just do what I want, when I want, and not feel guilty about it!!
So what do I want to do.......I'm going to take that one day at a time, and if I change my mind, who cares. I did make a list of my summer sewing, but if it doesn't get done there is always the fall. Oh don't worry, there will be sewing, and I am determined to start quilting all the tops I have stacking up, I'm just not going to get tied to my list. I may even get a tan....maybe not! lol

What does your summer look like?

What I've Been Up To:

Started my week with weeding and gardening 
Made the Trellis Crossroads from Modern Bee, turned out better than I hoped, but there must be a trick in the trimming to make the mitred corners work??

Helped my friend make her first pouch/purse

Made 3 Star blocks to donate

2 more scrappy trip blocks for a friend, love her quilt theme

and finally got around to tidying my hobbyroom, almost done!!