Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy ThanksGiving

We are coming into our ThanksGiving weekend here in Canada. The weather has turned cold and wet, but the fall colours are amazing, so it makes up for some of the cold, wet and darkness....

View from my other UpStairsHobbyRoom window (not bad at all, :)


One Block Wonders has started and I hope you have enjoyed the first block! Don't forget that there will be a link up the last week of the month and P&B Textiles is generously giving a Soft Dreams FQ Bundle to a lucky sewer!! You need to have at least sewn one block and join the link up party, so get sewing and I can't wait to see what you create!!

I also wanted to quickly share how I converted my ironing board, to a larger surface area! A quick and easy fix, to eliminate the waffling affect I was getting as well as increase the surface area!

I have seen this done with plywood, but I had a piece of laminated counter topping. So I went with free over purchasing the plywood.

I removed the padding and placed the ironing board on top of the counter top piece centring it, and marked 3 places through the grating to drill for the bolts to secure the counter top to the base.

 I drilled the holes from the top through the laminate, starting slowly at first till it was through the laminate, so it doesn't chop.

 Attach your top to your base with the nuts and bolts. I forgot to take a picture, but the bolt was a flat rounded head.

Then I covered the top with some batting and stapled it to the under side and repeated that process with a double layer of white cotton fabric, stapling it in place.
Flipping it right side up and now I have a very usable ironing surface and no more waffle marks from the metal grating!!!
And see those blocks on the wall, that is one of the blocks I'll be sharing in the One Block Wonders BOM this year!!

What I've Been Up To:

I finished my blocks for this month and got the quilt top together, but I must apologize for the lighting in these pictures....fall makes it hard

I finished the Crocheted afghan I've been working on and it turned out amazing!!I have had so many inquiries,  I will be adding the info on the blog, so keep an eye out and come back to this picture, I will link it from here.

And I started another, this time knitting and I will be trying to do every stripe in a different knit stitch!

And if you missed this on Instagram I tested a pattern this week for Stacey at SLO Studio (@slostudio) 
Seriously how amazing is this pattern!! And living on a working farm, I just had to make this!! The large one is traditional piecing and is 20" finished and the smaller one is 9" and paper pieced!!

Oh and just incase you follow me regularly.....I will be back Monday, with MMS (Monday Morning Savings) but taking the weekend off for Canadian Thanks Giving... 
So incase you are keeping track here is my Sunday Bliss List.

The List:

  1. Complete another month in the One Block Wonders BOM
  2. Sew another row of blocks for the Around the Block quilt top!! 12 left.
  3. Continue sewing Geese blocks together. 29 left
  4. Finish my Dog Gone Cute projects

Like I said not a great list week, but I checked one off and completed another really fun add on, lol!!  Guess we know what I'll be doing this week......maybe.....
  1. Complete last weeks list
  2. Complete another month in the One Block Wonders BOM
  3. Stay focused.....on the list......  :)
Well not a total success this week either, but I'm getting there!! lol

My gift to myself this holiday weekend is NO NEW LIST!!!!! Next week I'll start fresh!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Morning Savings

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Welcome to the First Block in the One Block Wonders BOM

Welcome to the start of the One Block Wonders BOM!!
I thought a review of what this is and isn't would be a great way to start.....

This is a one block pattern a month for a year BOM
This is Not designed to be a sampler quilt BOM. The block sizes vary, and each is a stand alone type block pattern, that has either multiple layout options and/or create a sub-pattern when connected.
This is Not a beginning to end information BOM, there are just too many variables you can choose, I will try to give you general fabric requirements for a quilt top mini or lap sized quilt top. (from EQ7 which tend to be generous) I will share a tutorial on constructing the block and show you some of the layout options. Then you are on your own to create, and maybe even come up with your own version!!
Mostly I hope This is fun and a good way to start your creative juices flowing.
I know I have had a lot of fun coming up with these patterns in EQ7!! I have started looking at layouts and colour placements within a pattern differently, and how simple changes can turn a single pattern block into multiple different quilts ... how cool is that!!!!

Here's a button if you want to let your blog followers know what you are doing, or just a direct link back for the BOM

On with the first block...

This months block is all about geese, flying geese....which is surprising to me because this has never  been one of my favourite blocks. Truthfully, next to curved piecing, flying geese were the 2nd on my list to avoid.

Mine never seemed to work out, and I really couldn't figure out why, which I think is the most frustrating part....but
That all changed after receiving the Accuquilt Go Big for my 50th birthday from my husband.
(big present for my big day.....number... lol) 

Another honest confession, I was not thrilled that the unit came with the flying geese die, of all the cutters why that one??? :| That was short lived though, as I cracked open the box and gave it a go, and to my utter amazement it sewed together perfectly!! I have since purchased 5 more dies, which I love. Not only are they great for building blocks, but awesome for scrap busting!!!

Go Big Electric Fabric Cutter at

Whispered Dreams 

This months block was sewn with a beautiful line called Soft Dreams by P&B Textiles. It is the perfect name, because it is truly dreamy.  I loved working with it and creating what I think is a perfect block to showcase its softness!! 

With 18 different fabric in 7 patterns and 4 colour ways, it was a perfect choice for a scrappy type block.


Fabric Estimates (quilt tops only)EQ7: Just to give you an idea

Mini (4 blocks) 29" x 29" includes 2" finished border
  • 3/8 yard borders
  • 1/2 yard background
  • 1/8 yard each of 15 fabrics

Quilt (35 blocks) 65" x 89", includes 2" finished border

  • 3 3/4 yards of background (borders)
  • 1/4 yard each of  15 fabrics                      

One Block Cutting Instructions: Depending on which version you are making just multiply by the number of blocks you require, and chain piece your geese.

For geese cut:

(8) 3.5" x 6.5" rectangles

For the wings:

(16) 3.5" squares

Piecing your Geese:
(For the tutorial I'm using another fabric from P&B Textiles called Nomad designed by Jen Fox Being as I made my blocks with the AccuQuilt cutter, and used up all the Soft Dreams fabric, eek, I had to show you how to cut your blocks with something. I wish this was still in print, love it!!)

Choose left or right it doesn't matter which one you start with, just keep your blocks all consistent,  and lay a 3.5" square over the 3.5" x 6.5" rectangle, right sides together, matching the outside edges

Draw a line from corner to corner diagonally from centre top to outside bottom corner. So you don't waste any fabric, I draw another line 1/2" away towards the top outside corner (picture below)

Sew along both lines. Tip: I sew a scant inside the centre line, just to be safe. (I can always trim down, but if I make it too small, I can't get that back). The second line doesn't matter this is an extra 1/2 sq triangle, so sew right on the line.  I keep a plastic shoe box and have been collecting these extras for awhile. I see a scrappy 1/2 sq triangle quilt in my future!!

Cut down the centre of your 2 sewn lines. I usually measure from the block stitch line (centre one) to make sure my block has the full 1/4" seam)

Press the triangle back (I actually pressed all my seams open)

and repeat the above steps for the other side.

Tip: Remember to check your geese to make sure they are the correct size once sewn. If they need a bit of trimming, and it does matter, you may think it is just a scant amount, but multiply that by the number of geese in a block or row and that could equal an inch or more in no time. The section where the wings cross is the most important to watch if you want to keep your points, so make sure you have a 1/4" there.

And that is the geese construction part!! Now lets get the block itself together:
(switching back to the Soft Dreams fabric)

Get your geese all laid out:

Sew the centre section together first:

One way to check if your points are lining up is to insert a pin along the 1/4" seam
 and flip your top fabric back to see were your seam will hit.

Then attach the side sections.

 I have pressed all my seams open, but that is my preference, when there are a lot of seams meeting.

Join the top and bottom rows

TIP: Another way to pin a point is to stick your pin through each fabric piece right at the point. This gives you a sewing reference too. You know where the top of the pin went in is the top of your point!

Add the top and bottom row to the centre section:

That's your block. 
Well one version of the block anyway.....
There are so many ways to put this block together.  

I'm going to share a few, but I bet once you get thinking you'll come up with a few of your own...
and that is the fun of One Block block does so much more than ONE quilt.

Tutorial Version of Whispered Dreams
A Mini:

Version 3 of the block: (version 2 is on FB) Change the geese to the patterned fabric and the wings in the background fabric. Change the block layout slightly, totally different result.

Just start playing around with the blocks and see what other layouts you might find!! Isn't that fun!!
Not to mention other ways to sew the geese together, into a totally different block with the same base pieces!! 

That's it for this month, I will be sharing a few more ideas with the FaceBook Group. As well as some colouring sheets that should help with the colour placements. It's not to late to join. So click on the link to go over and request enterance!!

Oh and one more thing, P&B Textiles is offering one lucky sewer this month a chance to win a FQ Bundle of  Soft Dreams. So get sewing, you will need to link up a picture of at least one block before the end of the month. The link up party will be the last week of the month, so be watching for that post. The easiest way not to miss anything is to follow my blog and join the FB Group, but no pressure!! Enjoy ;)

And Some more Good News
Fabric Please is offering you all a discount!!!

*This post contains affiliate links